EHI is the first and only company to develop and deploy a fully integrated podiatry operating platform group model that has the ability to scale on a national basis. We manage the business of medicine so our physicians can focus all their efforts on patient care; resulting in improved outcomes in the lives of both our patients and physicians.

EHI currently owns and operates the largest fully integrated extremity healthcare group in the United States and has plans to continue expanding nationally. In addition to our 40+ Village Podiatry Centers locations across the Georgia and Tennessee region, our ancillary services include a total of six surgery centers, a pathology lab, a compounding pharmacy, and two laser treatment centers. Our an anesthesia group is nationally recognized as a leader in podiatry and our founder Dr. David Helfman is a leading expert in the ACA.

We are the largest, most profitable podiatry practice in the United States, and are poised to take advantage of multiple large market opportunities. Some of these opportunities include a growing nationwide podiatry market, healthcare technologies, and emerging industries such as wearable tech and the ‘Internet of Things.’

Our physicians are able to spend more quality time only on enhancing patient care while increasing their income, without the stress of daily practice management. Our patients equally enjoy better care and overall experience as a result of our highly qualified, more attentive physicians focusing only on the patient care.

Our shareholders enjoy accelerated value creation because of our organization’s dedication towards patient and physician satisfaction. We are 90% plus owned by our physician shareholders, so our doctors enjoy concrete rewards for their dedication and hard work.

EHI business model is a fully integrated shared services platform that allows all of our physicians to legally participate in ancillary revenue within their regions while also creating wealth through their shareholder position in the company. We increase value for all our members by providing a proven scalable podiatry practice platform model that is currently being replicated in multiple states.

Our growth strategy is to focus on markets that can support a regional group practice with a minimum of 10,000 new patients per year.

We are proud to be awarded as Best Podiatrist of 2017 by FORSYTH.

We are proud to be awarded as Best Podiatrist of 2017 by bestselfatlanta.

Who we are?

Who we are?

Extremity Healthcare, Inc. (“EHI”) is a revolutionary model in healthcare management. At EHI, our number one priority is to improve the lives of our patients, doctors, and affiliates, to create the most efficient group practice environment possible. We achieve this by providing the most advanced, integrated medical care with the highest level of economic efficiency.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, EHI was established in 2011 by its founding visionary physician Dr. David Helfman, as well as the founding equity shareholders of Village Podiatry Centers, who had seen firsthand the effectiveness of the supergroup model in their own podiatry practice. By addressing doctors’ needs in a consolidated, integrated healthcare model, EHI is able to reward efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and allow our service providers to benefit from a more common-sense approach to healthcare.

In EHI’s function as a holding company, it provides long-range strategic planning for the aggregation of multiple medical disciplines while driving organic growth initiatives. As a management services company, EHI provides a full suite of shared service solutions some of which include billing, collections, compliance, tax, legal, human resources, marketing, scheduling, operational planning and more.

What we do?

What we do?

EHI is the only podiatry centric company loves to develop and deploy a fully integrated operating platform model to deliver comprehensive extremity medical care in a national group practice model.We manage the business of medicine so our physicians can focus on patient care; resulting in improved outcomes for our patients and physicians.

We support multiple medical disciplines in the delivery of comprehensive treatment and diagnostics for anatomical extremities. EHI’s primary goal is to provide the most advanced, integrated medical care with the highest level of economic efficiency.

When you join Extremity, we’ll be in your corner from day one, helping you to reduce stress, save time, and run your practice at maximum efficiency for the benefit of you and your patients.

How we do it?

How we do it?

Our Extremity Healthcare platform aligns physicians and ancillary providers to work toward a shared vision, enabling efficient delivery of proven extremity surgical and medical protocols to the benefit of all. We help to power timely and accountable care to patients, providing patient flow, as well as visibility and reporting to our physicians and ancillary providers.

Our centralized approach to patient care and healthcare management has resulted in improved patient lives, reduced healthcare costs for patients and health plans, and increased efficiency and revenue for our physicians and ancillary providers. We offer billing and collections, insurance, management, scheduling, IT services, compliance and operations, EMR, marketing, compliance and legal, human resources, revenue cycle management, and physician training.

Our model helps mitigate the effects of rising healthcare costs, increased demands of an aging population, increasing stress and demands on doctors, the increased burden of chronic disease, and other changes to the healthcare market. Our doctors benefit from the security of a group practice by becoming part of our EHI family. The current, standard model of healthcare is broken. EHI is changing the game. Read on to find out how you can join us, and become a part of healthcare in the 21st century.