Extremity healthcare, inc. implements phreesia

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, April 6, 2016– Extremity Healthcare, Incorporated has implemented Phreesia front desk automation system in all Georgia and Tennessee locations to streamline patient check-in and post visit surveys.

“The Phreesia front desk system has already had a positive effect on our approach to patient care. It has revolutionized the check-in process for our clinic network, providing a world class administration system for our staff and patients. With the addition of this new technology, we are in an optimal position to provide the best possible quality care while offering our patients a highly efficient and innovative check-in experience.”

Doctor David Helfman, CEO, DPM

The patient check-in and survey review processes are now fully automated, using a digital tablet system at front desk check-in, as well as pre and post visit email communication to the patient

“By fully automating the patient check-in process, patient satisfaction has been drastically improved for optimal efficiency. This is a great step toward the best possible patient outcomes at our clinics.”

John Minahan, CFO Extremity Healthcare, Inc.

Extremity Healthcare: Patients first.

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