Largest & First Podiatry Super-Group Practice in the U.S.

Consider the challenges facing you today, If you are looking to address them in ways that will allow you to “Thrive & Not Just Survive” joining EHI’s National Expansion - can help you.

Retain Clinical Freedom

At EHI, we understand that the highest and best use of your time is treating patients and focusing on quality outcomes and results. EHI physicians always work collaboratively in establishing the most productive and compliant protocols that are made available to all EHI physician.

Monetize Your Practice

Whether you want to merge, sell or retain from and existing practice, we can offer you liquidity while helping you maintain your independence:

  • Increase your revenue opportunities through proven ancillary strategies, efficiencies & enhanced technology.
  • Guaranteed exit strategy when you decide to retire from practicing medicine.

Enjoy Practicing Medicine Again and Focusing on Patient Care

EHI delivers superior patient experiences and care offering a full suite of services most often not available to most physician practices:

  • Net Promoter Scores consistently above 90%
  • Access to the latest diagnostic and treatment options available.
  • EHI Physicians Treat Patients, Document their visits, and go home to enjoy a quality of life not offered to most smaller practitioners.

When you join Extremity Healthcare, our experienced leadership team and dedicated staff in excess of 300 associates will handle all aspects of practice management. Our experience speaks for itself based on our history and you can sleep at night knowing that you are now part of a growing team of medical and non-medical professionals who care about your success and peace of mind. Our team understands that you can’t focus on quality patient care while having to manage your practice on a day to day basis in this ever changing healthcare environment.

To learn more about how Extremity can benefit you, call one of our physician leaders at 678-426-2175 or complete the form below and one of our physician leaders will call you within 24 hours.

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