History of EHI Surgery Centers

In 1997, Dr. Helfman and ten other podiatrists opened our first Foot and Ankle Surgery Center. One of the main reasons for starting the surgery center division was so our patients could receive the best surgical care and outcomes as well as exceed our patients’ expectations with regard to the personal care and treatment they receive while they are there. We wanted to change the negative connotation that people feel when they hear the words – “Your condition requires surgery.”

Village Podiatry Centers is one of the largest podiatry practices in the country. Some of our patients come from as far away as Tennessee, North Carolina, and Canada. Continued acquisition of new patients from such distances, combined with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive, confirms that we continue to meet and exceed our goal of providing the best possible care for our patients.

Benefits of Choosing EHI

Time, Comfort, and Convenience for Our Patients: When patients choose an EHI member surgeon, they know they are choosing a highly attentive, focused doctor. Anyone who has ever gone through the experience of a surgical procedure in a general hospital knows how tedious and frustrating it can be. Long wait times, stress, and prioritization of emergency surgeries can lead to an altogether unpleasant experience for the patient.
The EHI experience is drastically different. We offer surgery in a controlled, small office environment where the patient is given our full attention. Some of our benefits for patients include:

  • Lower infection rates: Our surgery centers have a less than one percent infection rate. The industry standard is 2% for infection rates in a typical hospital environment
  • Highest quality care and certification: Our surgery centers are state approved and licensed facilities. We are also certified by Medicare and we are accredited by Accreditation Association of Podiatric Surgery Facilities. (AAPSF)
    Highly Qualified Doctors:

All of our doctors are credentialed and screened before they are allowed to perform their first surgery. The doctor has to be Board Certified or Qualified in Foot & Ankle Surgery from the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. This means they have performed the required number of cases to receive certified/qualified status.
As with all of our ancillary services, EHI surgeons make up 40% of our shareholders. By allowing our doctors the opportunity to invest in their own parent company, we are able to reward them for providing the highest possible quality of care, to both their benefit and the benefit of their patients.

Benefits of the EHI Umbrella

Just as is the case with EHI Purchasing, Anesthesia, Pathology Lab, and Pharmacy, our doctors benefit from using EHI Surgery Centers in a variety of ways. Save time and resources by referring directly to us when the need for surgery arises. Never worry about your patients’ safety or quality of care, because you never have to send a patient out of company. Centralized organization of insurance verification, billing, and every aspect of provision of care to the patient is managed in-house when you choose EHI Surgical Centers.

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