Douglas Elleby DPM, FACFAS

After 33 years in private practice I never expected to consider joining another group. After insidiously watching my patient population shift to other practices, due to insurance contracts and large hospital takeovers, I realized I needed help to compete. Village Podiatry Centers had all the necessary resources and personnel in place to promote my practice, manage my insurance contracts, and reach a wider population of patients. VPC’s model would allow me to remain successful. My biggest fear was losing personal income due to expenses that I couldn’t control. That has all now been laid to rest as the compensation model, along with ancillary bonuses have well exceeded my expectations. Prior to joining, I had major concerns because of the uncertainty and my only regret is not joining sooner.

To have vision is a gift; to implement it takes courage and extreme dedication. In the last 25 years I have watched Dr. Helfman carefully plot his course for the future. With the dramatic changes in our health care delivery system, he has managed to predict the future of medicine and stay ahead of the curve. I am excited about the direction he has chosen for our company and I am looking forward to many more successful years of practice under his guidance.

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